Advertising on the web : does radio take its share?

At last a good news for the advertising revenues of french media. With a growth of 4,2% compared to 2017, the advertising revenues show a real improvement. Of course, the digital part leads the race, with a  rise of 15,5%. Concerning radio, the performance is quite all right since the decrease is just of 0,6 %… instead of the 3.6% brutal decline of last year.

Once again this survey got my mind off.

Usually surveys tend to segment the advertising revenues per media. However what the study doesn’t say is how it treats an ad published on the digital channel of a radio: in the radio segment or in the digital category ? Obviously it’s not about radio as a media anymore, but radio as a company. And these companies live thanks to the advertising.

Radio, as a wonderful content creator, has to become a major player of the digital advertising market. This issue is vital. Only radios who develop their digital advertising revenues will be able to survive. Each of them understand it, some are really trying, but just a few are successful in making it.

Successfull ? What does “successfull” mean for a radio on the digital line ?

First it means succeeding its transformation to the digital by handling its content in a differentiating way. Becoming digital is also about creating a real digital audience. In the end… Becoming digital is developing the advertising revenues on digital platforms.

Facebook for example… How many radios have put a lot of efforts in developing their “likes” ? What about now ? What should they do with that community… It’s been a while since youtubers started to successfully sell their fame to advertisers. It is time for radio to sell theirs.

Lilicast is there for this as well. And it’s a huge asset.


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