The overview (home page)

How to create a podcast

On the overview, you can create new Lilicasts and access the ones that you already created.


Create new Lilicasts by clicking on the button “Create New“.


In Sheduled Lilicast, you will find the Lilicasts that you planned.


In Unfinished Lilicast, you will find the Lilicasts in edition process.


In Published Lilicast, you will find the Lilicasts that you downloaded or shared.

1. Record and upload sound

To start schedule a recording, record the radio show of your choice in live or upload an mp3 file (for uploads, move directly to step 4).

Record and upload sound

2. Radio selection

Radio selection

Select the radio that you wish to record.

3. Schedule

Schedule a recording by selecting the date and time of your radio appearance or schedule a series of recordings with the repeat function.

Schedule podcast

4. Add information

Informations about your podcast

Give a title and tags to your Lilicast.

Tip :  A red record bar appears at the bottom of your screen when your show is going live, you can then add bookmarks to select the best moments while your recording is ongoing.

5. Audio edition (fast version)

Once the show was broadcasted, start to edit your audio. Only keep the best by sliding the wave and moving the blue bar to the moment that you find the most interesting.

Audio and podcast edition

6. Audio edition (advanced version)

7. Advanced cropper

The advanced version allows you to select multiple parts of your audio. Just click on “add selection” to add a new section. Crop by moving the blue bars to the best moments.

7. Video edition

Add images and texts to your Lilicast to make it impactful. You can either upload pictures form your computer, use images form giphy and unsplash or reuse your previous slides. There are four steps : the catchphrase, the profile (who’s talking), the key message and the call to action

Tip : You can add GIFs to your Lilicast, it makes the final result lively

Video edition for podcast

8. Show preparation

Podcast Show preparation

Prepare what you are going to say in advance thanks to the script editor. There are three types of card : the speech, the dialogue and the music card.

Tip : You can create your key message slides by adding a picture to your text card and highlighting words

9. Subtitles

You can add subtitles to your Lilicast! First you have to prepare your script, it has to match the audio of the video. Then you just activate your subtitles and they will synchronise automatically.

Tip : The script has to be the closest possible to what is said in the audio for the subtitles to synchronise perfectly

Subtitles for your podcast

10. Share

Subtitles for your podcast

Once finalized, share your Lilicast on social networks or on your website and make your content known! You can either share directly to Facebook and WordPress (plugin required) or download your video and publish anywhere you want.

Tip : Don’t forget to tag people and use hashtags when you publish, we would love to see your Lilicasts