Radio on my barbecue

Why don’t you get your content to the world ? Or at least to your audience.

Believe me. I’ve been searching like thousands of other consumers, often merely categorised as web-users. About a passion of mine : barbecue cooking. Don’t laugh at me… I love cooking at barbecues but this is not what it’s all about. The real question is : what have I found ? No doubt that Google is our friend. But Google only answers to my questions with an algorithmic logic far different from my consumer logic. Since I already had the intention to write this post, I browsed up to page 4 of my results page. What nobody ever does. I only found written examples, and two videos suggested by traditional tv channels on their web page. Though there is a problem : I am lazy man. I don’t like to read. And the suggested videos required my full attention.

I would have loved to listen to spoken explanations or a tutorial. It would be great to work on some documents while listening to a podcast or an audio about barbecue cooking. I wish I could pause, get in my car and once my Bluetooth device connected, resumed the show on my way home. Unfortunately, I had nothing to play. So I put on my car radio and switched to a well-known national station. Guess what : the host was interviewing the organiser of France’s Barbecue Championship ! Unbelievable ! It was the last 5 minutes. I was too late. Once at home, I went on the podcast page of the radio to get the podcast : an impossible task.


No way to make a search query by content. The only podcasts accessible were complete shows, lasting from 1h to 3h. In that ocean of information there are probably chronicles and subject-related interviews for someone like me passionate about rock, politics, science fiction, cooking, wine, organic produce, radio, economics, soccer, tourism… But how ? Was I supposed to listen to everything ?


Radio is a formidable content creator. Certainly the most prolific and pertinent one. However it is paradoxical to see that radios consider the internet only as an advertising resource or a rival. Internet is a media, in its core meaning : a way to convey information, analysis, and opinions. Radio has content ? Lilicast makes it available to the world. This could be a marking baseline, but in reality it’s about time for Radio to wake up and assume its formidable creativity.

It’s our reason to be. It’s the miracle LILICAST makes everyday.



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